Call for Speakers


Have inspiration to share? An idea that could change the Jewish community as we know it? ELI Talks is looking for "inspired Jewish ideas" to capture at its next round of production (set to be held in Cleveland January 2017) and share with the world.


If you think your idea fits the bill, submit it here! Submissions will be accepted through AUGUST 7, 2016. Late submissions will be considered at the discretion of the ELI Talks team. Speakers will be notified by the end of August as to the status of their submissions.


Here are a few tips to help your submission stand out:

  • a ELI stands for Jewish religious engagement (E), Jewish literacy (L), and Jewish identity with Israel and peoplehood at the core (I). An ELI idea should help the viewer deepen or renew their connection to one or more of these themes.
  • ELI is most interested in sharing new ideas that have not been shared elsewhere, especially on video. This is not the place to submit your "stump speech." Be adventurous!
  • Note that the selection committee will decide based primarily on 4 criteria:
    • You can clearly and concisely articulate your idea. This means that, if you are telling a story or a history, you are clearly unpacking the lessons you want folks to learn from your story.
    • Your idea is not a simple critique of Jews and the way we do Judaism now, but it emerges from within Judaism.
    • Your idea matters.
    • Your idea fits within our catalog--this means it is either a) a new topic for the ELI catalog OR b) a new perspective of the same topic.
  • After the written form, you will be asked to submit a 1-minute video through our app of yourself presenting the core of your idea. This will help us get a sense of who you are as a speaker, how you present yourself, and your ability to convey an idea in a limited time frame. Your application is not complete until you submit the video through the Propelit app.

If you have any questions about your idea or submission, please contact ELI Talks Program Coordinator Mary Otts:


Click here to view a PDF of the submission form for your review.