Against the Traumatic Tide: Epigenetics - The New Science

Against the Traumatic Tide: Epigenetics - The New Science
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Marcia Fine

Author and Speaker

How does the past shape the present? Marcia Fine explains how epigenetics has brought a new understanding to how traumas in our collective past profoundly influence and shape who we are today. Focusing on the o... See more

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Epigenetics: Fundamentals

What is Epigenetics? Epigenetics is the study of heritable changes in gene expression (active versus inactive genes) that does not involve changes to the underlying DNA sequence - a change in phenotype without a change in genotype - which in turn affects how cells read the genes.

Marcia  Fine, 

Author and Speaker

Marcia Fine is an award-winning author and international speaker on Jewish identity with interest in family and Sephardic history. She is the author of seven novels including THE BLIND EYE—A Sephardic Journey, the 2015 Adult Choice for ONEBOOKAZ, PAPER CHILDREN—An Immigrant's Legacy, a finalist for three national prizes, based on her grandmother’s family letters from Poland during WWII and PARIS LAMB, an examination of anti-Semitism during the 1950s. HIDDEN ONES—A Veil of Memories explores the aftermath of an auto-de-fe in 1649 experienced by a family in Mexico during the Inquisition. It traces how melancholy follows the generations. It will be released in early 2017.