Shmita: A Workplan for the 21st Century Economy

Shmita: A Workplan for the 21st Century Economy
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Aharon Ariel Lavi

Hakhel Director | Hazon

Want a solution to reinvigorate the economy and energize employees? Aharon Ariel Lavi thinks that shmita is a millennia-old socio-economic mechanism that can challenge and inform our thinking today as we face a... See more


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What Is Shmita, the Sabbatical Year? | My Jewish Learning

The Torah calls for Jews to work the land six years and let it rest in the seventh. Cycles of time are central to Jewish life. Just as Shabbat punctuates the week, so too the holidays punctuate the year.

Overview - Hazon

Reimagine society. Renew Jewish Life. The Shmita Project is working to expand awareness about the biblical Sabbatical tradition, and to bring the values of this practice to life today to support healthier, more sustainable Jewish communities. What is Shmita? Commonly translated as the 'Sabbatical Year,' Shmita literally means 'release.'

Shmita Sourcebook - Hazon

Written and compiled by former Shmita Project Manager Yigal Deutscher, with the support of Anna Hanau and Nigel Savage, The Shmita Sourcebook is designed to encourage participants to think critically about the Shmita Cycle - its values, challenges, and opportunities - and how this tradition might be applied in a modern context to support building healthier and more sustainable Jewish communities today.The Shmita Sourcebook is a 120-page sourcebook that draws on a range of texts from within Jewish tradition and time, tracing the development and evolution of Shmita from biblical, historical, rabbinic, and contemporary perspectives.

Aharon Ariel  Lavi, 

Hakhel Director | Hazon

Lavi is a serial social entrepreneur who believes networks are key to shaping our reality. As a thinker, Lavi believes Judaism can inspire and inform all walks of life, and vice versa. He holds academic degrees in Economics, History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science. He is a fellow in several research institutions, a Tikvah Fund fellow and an ROI member, and founded and runs Hakhel - The Jewish Intentional Communities Incubator at Hazon.