Why Ask Why

Why Ask Why
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Aliza Kline

Founding Executive Director | OneTable

Aliza Kline raises the question of how do we engage millennials in Jewish life? She believes that this question must be approached with curiosity, and demonstrates the curiosity and questioning that already exi... See more


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Keep Asking Why

This is the season for asking questions - often in groups of four (though my father, and my seven year-old daughter will both argue that at the Seder we ask one question and then offer four responses). Let's not stop just because the holiday has past. What if we keep asking why?

Aliza  Kline, 

Founding Executive Director | OneTable

Aliza Kline is a dynamic leader, and social entrepreneur.  She serves as the founding executive director of OneTable an online and in-person hub for millennials to end their week with intention and create unique Shabbat dinners. In its first two years OneTable has inspired and supported more than 2,500 dinners in 38 cities, engaging more than 20,000 young adults and creating close to 40,000 seats at the table. Aliza also co-founded Mayyim Hayyim Community Mikveh and Education Center in Boston, an international model for re-imagining Jewish ritual open to the full diversity of the Jewish community. In 2009, Aliza was awarded an Avi Chai Fellowship. She led a Design Thinking process for UpStart and The Jewish Education Project and managed a gender equity campaign for Advancing Women Professionals.  A trained coach, Aliza worked with clients throughout North America and Israel.  Aliza earned her Bachelor’s degree in History and Psychology from Washington University in St. Louis and her Master’s in Public Administration from New York University.  She lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband Rabbi Bradley Solmsen and their daughters Ela, Gila and Nomi.