Are you the next ELI Speaker?

ELI Talks works with organizations and individuals to cultivate, raise up, and transmit inspired Jewish ideas. Through ELI's digital media, and conversations on and offline, ELI curates a canon of new Jewish thought. This living commentary, deeply rooted in text and tradition, serves to mirror, to energize, and to enrich the entire spectrum of Jewish observance while acting as a beacon of discourse and civility in today's world. 

ELI is not currently accepting applications for the Fellowship Program. If you are interested in an upcoming opportunity to improve your Jewish speaking skills and get your message out into the world, please email us here.


What is ELI’s Speaker Fellowship?

Through ELI’s Speaker Fellowship, a new generation of Jewish thought will gain skills in Jewish text and idea development, storytelling, and stage presence to refine their voices and build effective, compelling transmitters of our tradition.
Each fellow commits to attending weekly workshops and/or coaching calls along with independent homework, averaging 3-4 hours per week, over the course of twelve weeks (There are two cohorts per year). This process culminates in the delivery of these ideas in under ten minutes unaided on a stage in front of a live studio audience. ELI uses the latest in technology to film, stream, and edit these events into individual talks. At the conclusion of the filming, ELI Talks provides social media training to all speakers after the production to help them leverage their network and spread their idea as far as they can.
Each speaker receives $8,000 worth of resources and professional development coaching over the 6-month fellowship ranging from idea development and public speaking to text and social media skills. In the end, each speaker has a professionally filmed, edited, and promoted video to showcase their skills while the Jewish world will gain a group of trained voices from across the observance spectrum who will inspire us all to reflect, to discuss, and to engage in our collective tradition of Oral Torah.

What makes an inspired Jewish idea at ELI?

  • You have an idea. It is not simply a story nor simply a question, rather it is a "thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action." 
  • That idea emerges out of a pattern of Jewish text, tradition, or thought. How does Jewish tradition, in your opinion, necessarily give birth to your idea and how does your idea work within Judaism today to create a “Jewish kind of human being”?
  • You're clear on your why. This means you have a good sense as to why this idea—out of all the ideas we could be talking about—is important to yourself, to other people, to the Jewish community, and/or to the world.
  • Your idea fits within our catalog—this means it is either a) a new topic for the ELI catalog OR b) a new perspective on the same topic.


Who is this Fellowship for?

While the speaker fellowship is open to the full spectrum of the Jewish experience, like most organizations, we aim to make the most impact possible with our work. This isn't the place to give your stump speech or advertise your organization. If your speaker routine is pretty fixed, this is a great chance to try something new or refer an up-and-coming colleague who—with a little honing—is about to explode onto the scene. Finally, ELI prioritizes first-person Torah. What does this mean? Your story isn't about someone else; it is about real, unique, lived experiences that have created a sensitivity in you that we could all learn and benefit from.

Key dates and Commitments

ELI is not currently accepting applications for the Fellowship Program. If you are interested in an upcoming opportunity to improve your Jewish speaking skills and get your message out into the world, please email us here.



PLEASE NOTE: In order to have their application considered, applicants must submit BOTH the written application and the 1-minute video.

  • The written Application can be accessed here.
  • To submit the video portion of the application, please record a one-minute video with YouTube on your mobile device (if the video is longer that one minute, it may not be considered) and submit the link to In this video, please tell us the following:
    • Who are you?
    • What is your inspired Jewish idea?
    • Why is it important to you and why should it be important to everyone else?