A Biblical Cover-Up

A Biblical Cover-Up
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Rabbi Charles E. Savenor

Director of Congregational Education | Park Avenue Synagogue

Rabbi Charles Savenor looks at a hidden name of Moshe Rabbeinu's grandson in the Torah and argues that our tradition's erasure of this family legacy on account of fear and shame is a missed opportunity ... See more


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Jonathan (Judges) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jonathan is a figure appearing in the account of Micah's Idol in the Book of Judges, in which he is appointed as the priest of a shrine; since the shrine contained an ephod and teraphim, Jonathan is referred to as an idol-worshipper by traditional Judaism.

Rabbi Charles E.  Savenor, 

Director of Congregational Education | Park Avenue Synagogue

Rabbi Charles E. Savenor currently serves as the Director of Congregational Education at Park Avenue Synagogue in New York. Previously, Rabbi Savenor served as the Director of Kehilla Enrichment for the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism (USCJ), lead programmer for the Centennial Celebration in 2013, and Executive Director of the Metropolitan New York District (METNY) of United Synagogues. Rabbi Savenor worked for seven years as the Associate Dean and Director of Admissions of The Rabbinical School of the Jewish Theological Seminary, and for five years as the Associate Rabbi of Anshe Emet Synagogue in Chicago. He has written articles that have appeared in “Hadassah Magazine,” “The Jewish Week,” “EJewishPhilanthropy.com“, and “CJ Magazine,” and blogs about parenting at www.familyinorbit.com and www.kveller.com. In addition, he serves as a volunteer fund raiser for Lone Soldiers in the Israeli Defense Forces. A former USY International President in 1987, Rabbi Savenor was the recipient of the USY Alumni Award in 2012.