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Nell Mahgel-Friedman

Co-owner | Afikomen Judaica

Long before recent "buy local" movements around the country, Torah advocated for prioritizing buying and selling from your neighbors. Nell Mahgel-Freidman explains why this value of local economy has ... See more

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"Buy Local" or "Buy Jewish"? Separatist Consumption in Interwar Palestine

By Hizky Shoham. The article explores the Zionist cultural economy in interwar Palestine, by studying the emergence of the field of consumption as an arena for political struggles among Jews and between Jews and Arabs. The Jewish nationalist movement

Afikomen Judaica - more than a bookstore, and last of its kind

"Before the internet, if anyone can think back that far," says Rabbi Chaim Mahgel-Friedman, "the place that you went to get something was the store, and you'd meet that store owner and have a relationship." Against all odds, that's still the way things are at Afikomen Judaica in Berkeley.

Nell  Mahgel-Friedman, 

Co-owner | Afikomen Judaica

Nell Mahgel-Friedman is the Co-Owner of Afikomen Judaica with her husband Rabbi Chaim Mahgel-Friedman in Berkeley CA. She is also the founder of the Merkavah Torah Institute for Women, and an alumna of NISHMAT Center for Advanced Torah Study in Jerusalem.