The Circle of Light: How to Give

The Circle of Light: How to Give
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Adina Lichtman

Founder | Knock Knock Give a Sock

What does it mean to be a light unto the nations? In this talk, Adina Lichtman describes her own exploration to find the meaning of this admonishment from Isaiah. Reflecting on her founding of a wide-reaching p... See more


The Rest is Commentary

Help The Homeless with Knock Knock Give A Sock

From "Sock donations for those experiencing homelessness. Socks are in high demand for the homeless in the winter; however, most people do not think to bring socks to clothing drives and many places don't accept used socks (we find places that do!).

I was in Washington Square Park the other day ...

I was in Washington Square Park the other day when a girl tapped me on the shoulder and very timidly suggested that I photograph a man named Mark. "He stands on that corner," she said, "but he only asks for a penny, which is kind of interesting.

Sock collecting nonprofit gains momentum

After knocking on doors for almost a year, Knock Knock Give a Sock, founded by Silver junior Adina Lichtman has received over 12,000 pairs of socks to give to the homeless community. Last November, Lichtman founded the program after she was inspired by her previous volunteer work with the homeless and realization that there was a great need for socks.

Adina  Lichtman, 

Founder | Knock Knock Give a Sock

Adina Lichtman is currently a student at New York University where she is studying Social Work with a minor in art and is the founder of the Knock Knock Give a Sock initiative, which is active on multiple campuses in New York City. Previously, Lichtman was the Hillel Community Service chair at NYU where she organized a number of programs including PB&J making for the homeless, blood drives, and Friday visits to a local senior center. In addition, Lichtman teaches in the special Education program at Hebrew School.