Community by Design: Judaism and the Torah of Place

Community by Design: Judaism and the Torah of Place
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Yoshi Silverstein

Director of JOFEE Fellowship | Hazon

How can we connect Judaism to the natural world around us? Weaving together mystical stories about the creation of the world with his experiences as a child and environmental educator, Yoshi Silverstein illustr... See more


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Mitsui Design

Mitsui Design strengthens Jewish connection to place through ecological landscape design, curriculum development, workshops, and programs.

Creation Mysticism: Fashioning the World From Letters

Sefer Yetsirah (The Book of Creation), is a short but enormously influential book of Jewish mysticism. It describes God's creation of the world through the manipulation of the Hebrew alphabet and ten numbers or sefirot. The following article includes excerpts from Sefer Yetsirah.

Yoshi  Silverstein, 

Director of JOFEE Fellowship | Hazon

Yoshi Silverstein is Director of the JOFEE Fellowship, Hazon’s training and certification program for Jewish outdoor, food, and environmental education professionals; and founder of Mitsui Design, which strengthens Jewish connections to nature through landscape design and community engagement. A landscape designer, writer, and educator with over thirteen years of experience in JOFEE and related fields, Silverstein holds an MA in Landscape Architecture from the University of Maryland and a BA in European Cultural Studies and Near Eastern/Judaic Studies from Brandeis University. Previously, Silverstein was Education Director at the Pearlstone Center and has taught throughout the U.S. and Israel, including several seasons as a Teva educator, and stints at Camp Wise in Cleveland and Camp Solomon Schechter in Olympia, WA.