Take Your Son, Your Only Son: Raising Children in a Dangerous World

Take Your Son, Your Only Son: Raising Children in a Dangerous World
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Can writing poetry bring us closer to the Divine? Poet David Silverman reflects on how the creative process provides clarification for his deepest thoughts and allows him to reconcile with some of the uncomfort... See more

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Poetic License

by Pauline Dubkin Yearwood To be a Jew in the twentieth century is to be given a gift...the gift is torment -Muriel Rukeyser Well, nothing has changed. The gift is still torment. The torment of wanting. An old story by now. A weary immigrant sets down the heavy bags of persecution.


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David  Silverman, 


David Silverman is an award-winning poet from Skokie, Illinois and the author of It's The Little Things: Poems About Love, Faith & Basketball. David's poems are carefully rendered appreciations for the transient nature of existence and the sheer randomness that dictates the circumstances of life. And, as a Jewish poet, his poems are informed by the history, religion, national aspirations, spiritual longings and cultural mores of the Jewish people. But as much as his work is an attempt to take on some of the great, existential questions of the human condition, he is sufficiently satisfied when his writing makes his wife and children laugh out loud.