A Journey Toward Jewish Mindfulness

A Journey Toward Jewish Mindfulness
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David Gottlieb

Teacher of Jewish Mindfulness Practice | Orot: Center for New Jewish Learning, Chicago

Think that only the Buddhists have mastered mindfulness? David Gottlieb wants to challenge your thinking on that. How has Judaism decluttered the mind and soothed the soul--even in the middle of the chaos of... See more

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The Blessing of Curiosity | Sh'ma Journal

As a practitioner and teacher of Jewish mindfulness meditation, I often meet new students who confess sheepishly to me that they are just beginners, as if that would be a handicap. What they may not understand is that more seasoned practitioners aspire to be just like beginners, cultivating a mental stance toward their moment-to-moment experience that we call "beginner's mind."

Introduction to Jewish Meditation | Reclaiming Judaism

Just as healthy foods nourish us through the blood stream, so Jewish meditation nourishes our "soul stream." Meditation can transform Judaism from the purely intellectual process most of us grew up with into a spiritual practice that links us to Judaism in the most profound way.

OROT | Center for New Jewish Learning

Sam Feinsmith has been immersed in the world of Jewish contemplative living, learning, and teaching for over a decade. He seeks to transform the landscape of Jewish life in Chicago and beyond by teaching mindfulness in a Jewish framework to promote self-care and a deepening of wisdom and compassion.

David  Gottlieb, 

Teacher of Jewish Mindfulness Practice | Orot: Center for New Jewish Learning, Chicago

David is a teacher and practitioner of Jewish contemplative practice and a student of Jewish history. He earned his PhD in the History of Judaism from the University of Chicago Divinity School. David was the founding executive director of Full Circle Communities, a nonprofit developer of affordable housing and provider of supportive services.