Why are You Here? Truth, Comfort, and Religious Motivation

Why are You Here? Truth, Comfort, and Religious Motivation
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Dovid Bashevkin

Director of Education | NCSY

Looking around synagogue--particularly on Yom Kippur--we see some people who've come searching for God and we see those people who've come because they want to socialize. And we see ourselves judging th... See more

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Jonah and the Varieties of Religious Motivation | The Lehrhaus

The journey towards more fervent religious life so often begins with personal turmoil. Some people turn to religion because they are lonely, some are looking to cope with feelings of mortality, while others may turn to religion in the hopes that it will serve as a respite from a broken family.

Avivah Zornberg On Book of Jonah

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NCSY Inspires Jewish teens

NCSY Connects with Jewish teens through innovative, cutting-edge social and recreational programs to develop a positive Jewish identity.

Dovid  Bashevkin, 

Director of Education | NCSY

Dovid Bashevkin, Director of Education for NCSY, studied in Ner Israel Rabbinical College and completed his rabbinic ordination at Yeshiva University’s Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary (RIETS).  While in Yeshiva University, he completed a Master's degree in Polish Hassidut, focused on the thought of Rav Zadok of Lublin, under the guidance of Dr. Yaakov Elman.  He is currently pursuing a doctorate in Public Policy and Management at The New School’s Milano School of International Affairs, focusing on crisis management.  He also teaches a course a Yeshiva University about religious crisis.  Recently, he published a rabbinic work entitled B’Rogez Rachem Tizkor (trans. In Anger, Remember Mercy), which is a discussion of sin and failure in Jewish thought and law.  Dovid has been rejected from several prestigious fellowship and awards.