What is a Jew?

What is a Jew?
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Ethan Tucker

Rosh Yeshiva | Mechon Hadar

Does the noun "Jew" refer to a religion or to an ethnicity? Rabbi Ethan Tucker discusses how the rise of Alexander the Great enabled the decoupling of ethnicity from religion, arguing that it was this... See more

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Rabbi Ethan Tucker on What is a Jew?

"Anyone who accepts the notion that you can convert into Judaism has somewhat, to some degree, abandoned the idea that Judaism is about ethnicity alone...

Jewish Identity and Conversion | Mechon Hadar

Jewish Identity and Conversion What, and who, is a Jew? And what do different answers to these questions tell us about what Judaism means to its members and to the world at large. These resources present a considered, thoughtful, and nuanced examination of this vital, contested, and too often troubled, question.

Can I Convert to Judaism Because I Love Someone?

It's a thorny question.

Ethan  Tucker, 

Rosh Yeshiva | Mechon Hadar

Rabbi Dr. Ethan Tucker is co-founder and rosh yeshiva at Mechon Hadar, and chair in Jewish Law. Rabbi Tucker also directs Mechon Hadar’s Center for Jewish Law and Values. Previously, Rabbi Tucker was faculty at the Drisha Institute for Jewish Education, where he taught Talmud and Halakhah in the Scholars' Circle. He was ordained by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and earned a PhD in Talmud and Rabbinics from the Jewish Theological Seminary where he was also a Wexner Graduate Fellow, and a BA from Harvard College. He has been named multiple times to Newsweek’s list of the Top 50 Rabbis in America. Rabbi Tucker is also a co-founder of Kehilat Hadar and a winner of the first Grinspoon Foundation Social Entrepreneur Fellowship.