The Four Children: A Jewish Framework for Funding

The Four Children: A Jewish Framework for Funding
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There is the Seder Table and the Funding Table. What can the Four Children at the Seder Table teach us about nurturing a philanthropic portfolio that is expansive, inclusive, holistic, and more nimble? Debbie C... See more

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Women Changing the Face of Jewish Philanthropy

By Lisa Eisen Women are front and center during this heated political season. From the first woman presidential nominee to the focus on her opponent's treatment of women to the impassioned words of the First Lady, this presidential election highlights the growing power of women to shape public discourse and the direction of our country.

Philanthropy Through A Gender Lens: Because Giving is an Act of Social Change

By Hamutal Gouri "If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together." Australian Aboriginal artist and elder, Lilla Watson I learned this quote from some of the young activists participating in a program sponsored by the Dafna Fund.


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Debbie  Cosgrove, 

Jewish Educator

Debbie Cosgrove currently teaches a variety of classes to adult learners at Park Ave Synagogue. She is also Board Chair and a mikveh guide of ImmerseNYC, the President of Jewish Women's Foundation of New York, and a board member of UJA-Federation, Penn Hillel National Board and Trustees Council for Penn Women. She received a BA in Elementary Education from the University of Pennsylvania and an MA in Judaic Studies from the Jewish Theological Seminary. Debbie lives in NYC with her husband, Elliot, and is most proud of the fact that her four kids help clear the Shabbat table.