The God Gap

The God Gap
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Eliana Light

Director of Music Education | Park Avenue Synagogue

What happens when the way we talk about God no longer works? Eliana Light looks at how the ways we think and talk about God as kids can limit--and sometimes even cut off--that very important relationship as we ... See more


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Why We Should Stop Talking About God - Mishkan Chicago

An Eli Talk Response by Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann In the Twelve-Step recovery programs, the first step is recognizing that we are not fully in charge of our lives and that we need to turn our lives over to a Higher Power, however we understand it. For many Jews, that idea presents a real challenge.


Eliana  Light, 

Director of Music Education | Park Avenue Synagogue

Eliana Light is the Director of Music Education at Park Avenue Synagogue. She has put out two  albums of original Jewish music, A New Light and Eliana Sings (About Jewish Things!). Her songs have been featured on PJ Library compliations and are used by educators, song-leaders, and clergy all over the country. Eliana has performed and taught throughout the United States, including at the Union for Reform Judaism Biennial, the NewCAJE Jewish Education Conference, Limmud New York, and the DeLeT Masters Program. She is also the author of Hebrew in Harmony, a curriculum published by Behrman House that teaches prayer and Hebrew through music. Eliana received her Masters in Jewish Experiential Education from the Jewish Theological Seminary in 2016.