God's Get Rich Quick Mitzvah

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Moshe Hecht

Chief Innovation Officer | Charidy

We all know that we are supposed to give tzedakah and maaser, but so often it seems like a daunting task to make any impact with the few dollars we can afford. Moshe Hecht describes how crowdfunding can insp... See more


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Why Crowdfunding Transcends Charity as We Know It

The baby is growing up. After more than a decade, modern crowdfunding is fast becoming an effective and dynamic method to raise funds-and rally the masses. And while it is still some years away from total global domination, we can't deny it: If we're not running a crowdfunding campaign or giving to a crowdfunding campaign, we're talking about it.

Tithing | My Jewish Learning

The Rabbis developed an elaborate system of tithing produce, mostly to provide livelihood for priests and Levites. The main biblical passages regarding the tithing of produce are: Numbers 18:21-32 and Deuteronomy 14:22-7 and 26:12. Biblical scholars have seen the differences in these sources concerning the recipients of the tithe as due to the social background of two separate sources, each having its own applications.

Can millennials, crowdfunding, and impact investing change the world?

The economy has recovered from the worst of the Great Recession, a new president has been inaugurated, and equity crowdfunding is growing, all of which are reshaping the investment landscape. Another factor is brewing that will drastically change the world of capital over the upcoming decades: the ascendance of the millennials.

Moshe  Hecht, 

Chief Innovation Officer | Charidy

Moshe Hecht, Winner of NonprofitPro’s Technology Professional of the Year Award, dedicates his life to advancing philanthropy through the use of technology and crowdfunding. He has been a critical part of developing and growing Charidy
Hecht believes that through the increased use of crowdfunding, organizations can usher in an era of people-powered fundraising, a world of unified giving, transparency, leverage and interdependency, which will lead to more people giving more.