How Interfaith Dating Reinvigorated My Judaism

How Interfaith Dating Reinvigorated My Judaism
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Jack Botwinik

Speaker and Author

What can interdating offer the Jewish people? In this talk, Jack Botwinik reflects on how dating a non-Jewish partner led him on a journey to reexamine his unquestioned assumptions about Judaism. For Botwinik, ... See more

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Navigating Interfaith Dating

In high school and college, I didn't date many Jews. I had a Jewish boyfriend on my six-week Israel teen tour when I was sixteen, but that romance ended when we returned to the U.S. My high school boyfriend was Catholic. Most guys I dated in college were of one Christian denomination or another.

Taking a Jewish Page From the Book of Mormon on Interfaith Marriage

When it comes to interfaith marriage, is there anything that Jews can learn from Mormons? Most Jewish leaders would not relish this comparison. After all, what does a liberal, cosmopolitan group of immigrant grandchildren have in common with this American-born collection of conservative Christians? Well, more than you might think.

Studying and Living Jewish-Asian Intermarriage

One weekend night 15 years ago, a group of graduate students at the University of Chicago decided to interrupt their research long enough for a dinner party. Helen K. Kim made a chocolate tart with ginger cream filling. Her classmate Noah S.

Jack  Botwinik, 

Speaker and Author

Jack Botwinik is a speaker, author and freelance writer. His autobiography, Chicken Soup with Chopsticks: A Jew's Struggle for Truth in an Interfaith Relationship, is recommended by Aish HaTorah, The Jewish Press, Rabbi Michael Skobac of Jews for Judaism, and many others. Botwinik has written for Jewish Action, Binah, The Canadian Jewish News,, and is the former Dating Columnist for Ottawa Jewish Bulletin. He holds a MA in Political Science from McGill University in Montreal and currently works for Correctional Service of Canada.