We Will Hear and We Will Profit: The Mitzvah of Inclusion

We Will Hear and We Will Profit: The Mitzvah of Inclusion
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Howard Blas

Director | National Ramah Tikvah Network

What can “na’aseh v’nishma” (we will do and we will hear) teach us about inclusion? Reflecting on his work, first as a counselor, and then director of the Tikvah Program for kids with di... See more


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Senator Tom Harkin: Champion of Disability Rights

On January 26, Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin, a longtime supporter of disability rights and legislation, announced that the current congressional term, which ends in 2014, will be his last. While the Americans with Disabilities Act was only one of many laws he supported on behalf of disabled people, Harkin will especially be remembered for his critical role in getting the landmark law passed.

The Benefits of Disability in the Workplace

Do the costs of hiring people with disabilities outweigh the benefits? The evidence says no way!


Inclusion is a Critical Social Justice Issue: An Interview with Beth Steinberg of Shutaf Q: Tell us about Shutaf Social Justice may be understood through the many lenses found in Jewish texts, but perhaps none as foundational as "love thy neighbor as thyself" (Leviticus 19:18).

Howard  Blas, 

Director | National Ramah Tikvah Network

Howard Blas is Director of the National Ramah Tikvah Network. In this capacity, Blas provides consultation services to nine Ramah Tikvah Programs in the United States and Canada, coordinates training, shares best practices, leads camper and family Israel trips, and works with funders in support of inclusive camping. He has worked with the Tikvah Program as a counselor, division head, and acting director. He holds a dual MA in Social Work and Special Education. In addition to his work with Ramah, Blas has worked as a psychiatric social worker on the child psychiatry unit of a Manhattan hospital and in a day care center, and has taught at a school for children with learning disabilities.