Jewish Genetics: A Love Story

Jewish Genetics: A Love Story
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Sam Zev

CEO | Funtactix

What can our DNA tell us about Jewish the Jewish people? Sam Zev reveals how our genetic code carries our collective narratives and bonds us even tighter together. He explains how, remarkably, the Kohen modal h... See more


The Rest is Commentary

Behind the Talk: Interview with Sam Zev

Behind the Talk: Interview with Sam Zev While at the ELI Talks at WTTW studios on June 17 th, 2015, I had the privilege of seeing Sam Zev speak live. His talk was titled, " A Jewish Genetic Story," which I then wrote about in my last blog post.

Genetic Storytelling for My Jewish Generation

Hello to those interested in the world of Jewish genetics, from your new Lewis Summer Intern working at the Center for Jewish Genetics. My name is Ariella. I've just returned from a Public Health study abroad program at Tel Aviv University, and so naturally I've been in the mindset of considering how Judaism and Public Health intersect.

Sam  Zev, 

CEO | Funtactix

Sam Zev is CEO of Funtactix, and Israel-based game studio. He has spent his career managing teams and companies at the cutting edge of the video games industry. He began his career creating Star Wars games at LucasFilm, and subsequently moved on to Microsoft, where he managed a team pushing the visual limits of video games across the industry. Under Zev’s direction, Funtactix has earned Israel a reputation in Hollywood where the company is now the premiere publisher of mobile games based on box office films. The studio was named one of the ten most promising Israeli technology companies by Forbes, and was successfully acquired by a major European game publisher in 2016. Outside of his professional career, Zev has been a strong advocate of revolutionary new approaches to Jewish Education and has also championed new business models for social-good ventures.