Midrash, Empathy, and Viagra: A Recipe for Israel Education

Midrash, Empathy, and Viagra: A Recipe for Israel Education
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What can Jacob teach us about Israel? Using midrash about Jacob, Jon Adam Ross argues that Israel education must begin with establishing a relationship with Israel. Ross asserts that while teaching students fac... See more

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The Rest is Commentary

The Rebecca Play: Innovative theater project uses Book of Genesis as its genesis

When Jon Adam Ross presented the idea of producing a series of plays based on characters from the book of Genesis, plays with scripts informed by the experiences and ideas of five distinct U.S. communities, the Covenant Foundation was all in.

Jon Adam  Ross, 


Jon Adam Ross has performed his one-man shows in over 90 cities around the globe. Home from a recent run in “Relics” at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, Jon is back in NYC where his stage credits include: a dog, a 2,000 year old bird, an elderly orthodox Jew, a horse, a British naval officer in 1700's Jamaica, a goat, Jesus Christ, a lawyer, a hapless police chief, and a cyclops. Jon holds a BFA in Acting from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and is a founding company member of Storahtelling and the Northwoods Ramah Theater Company. As a playwright, performer, and artist in residence, Jon has played and created in communities around North America.