The Anatomy of Disaster: Learning Spiritual Resilience from the Prophets

The Anatomy of Disaster: Learning Spiritual Resilience from the Prophets
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Marita Anderson

Chaplain and Writer

The world can seem so hard to deal with sometimes. Marita Anderson, chaplain and writer, shows us how the prophets of our tradition dealt with their own and their people's trauma--and also gave us tools to ... See more


The Rest is Commentary

The Legacy of Jewish Trauma

It is now seven decades since the liberation of our people from the jaws of the Nazi death machine. Looking back and facing forward, we have cause for both profound humility and proud celebration that our people is alive on earth and flourishing in so many ways.

To Stanford researcher, Syrian boy's viral photo shows vital need

A photo of a young boy rescued from the rubble of a bombing in Syria made the rounds on social media last week. It's an expression echoed in millions of children in refugee camps outside Syria, where they have escaped the violence at home only to live in fear and uncertainty, and with almost no access to mental health care.

Trauma, Identity Formation, and Anxiety

Daniel Smith, in his recent book Monkey Mind: A Memoir of Anxiety (2013), has brought the topic of Jews and anxiety to the fore. He argues that Jews are predisposed to anxiety because the experience of anxiety is close to the Jewish tradition of disputation argumentation and of looking at things from every angle.

Marita  Anderson, 

Chaplain and Writer

Marita Anderson is a Chaplain with a Master in Jewish Studies from the Academy for Jewish Religion, California. She has served as Chaplain Intern at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, providing spiritual care to families in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and the Rehabilitation Unit. Additionally, she served as an Interfaith Chaplain at Cedar’s Sinai Medical Center, working with patients on the Oncology and Maternity Units. She is passionate about the exploration of spiritual resilience and courage in times of crisis.
Marita also holds a Master in International Affairs with a concentration in Security Policy and Middle East from Columbia University. In her early career, she studied Arabic and Hebrew, while working as a researcher for various non-profit organizations and agencies in New York City. She was born and raised in Odessa, Ukraine and immigrated to the United States at the age of 11.
Marita currently lives in Atlanta, where she is working as a freelance writer and Jewish educator. She shares her life’s journey with her husband, Rabbi Spike Anderson, and their three children.