The New Wanderers: God, Millennials, and Jewish Engagement

The New Wanderers: God, Millennials, and Jewish Engagement
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Rabbi Jessy Gross

Founding Director | Charm City Tribe

After wandering in the desert and returning to Jerusalem, the Jewish people had to transition from movebale mishkan-based Judaism to place-based temple Judaism. Rabbi Jessy Gross argues that contemporary Americ... See more

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Passover Food Truck a Big Success

For more than 40 years, Hillel at the University of Washington has been serving Passover lunches to students, young adults and community members. It's an annual tradition that has been a beloved part of Jewish life, but has not reached as many people as it could: students have classes during the day, and young adults holding down jobs also have been unable to participate.

Bringing Jewish Spirit of Community to Burning Man Fest

On a Friday night in early September, more than 150 people gathered under a domelike open structure built in the desert to sing, pray, light candles and share in the traditions of the Sabbath. The open-air design, decorated with colorful scarves and an illuminated Star of David, is not the typical place you might imagine celebrating the Sabbath.

Charm City Tribe restoring tradition to Baltimore's Jewish community young people

Following religious values taught as a youth can be difficult for many when entering adulthood, but Charm City Tribe, a two-year-old program in the Jewish Community Center of Greater Baltimore, aspires to reconnect people in their 20s and 30s to Judaic practices they may have lost along the road to independence.

Rabbi Jessy  Gross, 

Founding Director | Charm City Tribe

Rabbi Jessy Gross works as a community rabbi and the founding director of Charm City Tribe, a community for young adults in downtown Baltimore interested in tapping into Jewish life and culture in creative and meaningful ways. She received rabbinic ordination and MA in Jewish Education from the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in Los Angeles.