What the Talmud Can Teach Us About Sex and Consent - Tablet Magazine

Working on an ELI talk (akin to a Jewish version of a TED talk) on sexual consent I researched ancient rape laws this year: rape in war, rape in marriage, rape of a stranger. What I learned was that the Talmudists, a cisgender male group of rabbis who sat around and discussed Torah in all ...

#MeToo and Teshuva, It is Time for US To Reflect on OUR Wrongs

By Sharon Weiss-Greenberg I have spent the past year fairly involved in the #metoo movement. From the week that the #metoo movement went viral, I've heard stories. I've heard and shared whispers. I have cried. A lot. I have argued. I have advocated. I think that I have been able to help some people.

Consent is a Jewish Value. It's Time We Treat It That Way.

While reporting on Harvey Weinstein's years of sex abuse last winter, Merissa Nathan Gerson became obsessed with the idea of consent. Specifically, consent in Jewish law. Hundreds of years ago, rabbis wrote in the Talmud that if a man rapes a virgin, he has to pay her a fee of 50 shekels.