Community IS Everything

Community IS Everything
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Rabbi Ari Moffic is usually giving people a multitude of options to try out Judaism. Here, though, she challenges us with a dynamic new way to understand Jewish community, obligation, and belonging.... See more

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Hybrid Judaism: The Transformation of American Jewish Identity

Who are North American Jews today? How has identity changed or shifted over time? How does this affect our work? By Rabbi Darren Kleinberg, Ph.D. The Meaning of Identity When asked about their identity, most people respond with the words "I am..." followed by a signifier from a chosen identity category ("Trans," "Jewish," "Feminist," etc.).

What Is An Eruv? | My Jewish Learning

The eruv is a boundary that allows observant Jews to carry needed things in public on Shabbat. Shabbat is a day set apart from all others, differentiating between the sacred ( kodesh) and the mundane ( hol), between the work week and the day designated for rest, family, and spirituality.

Rabbi Ari  Moffic, 

Founder | Cohere

Rabbi Ari Moffic was ordained from Hebrew Union College in 2007. She has a Master’s Degree from Baltimore Hebrew University in Jewish Education. She worked for InterfaithFamily as the Chicago Director from 2011-2017. With the help of the Open Dor Project, she is launching her own spiritual community called Cohere on July 1, 2017 as a new model for affiliation. She is interested in thinking about what can constitute Jewish community. Ari and her husband, Rabbi Evan, of Congregation Solel, in Highland Park, IL are the proud parents of two children. Ari enjoys discussing how it is that someone from Boston now lives with no ocean and how to parent with any semblance of spirituality. She hopes her talk will inspire people to set-up spiritual eruvs as a network to help people feel that they count and that they are connected, a sacred part of community.