Hearing God's Voice: Searching for Truth and Irony in the Universe

Hearing God
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Rabbi Charlie Schwartz

Director of BIMA and Genesis Programs | Brandeis University

How can Jewish ritual help us be more mindful? Reflecting on his experience at a Holocaust memorial services, Rabbi Charles Shwartz examines the power of paying attention creates opportunities for transcendent ... See more


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What Is a Mitzvah? - The State of Being Connected

(Sephardi: miṣwā; Ashkenazi: mitsvā) מצוה Root: צוה Plural: מצות mitzvotRelated words: צוה tzivah-he commanded; צוותא tzavta -a connection, companionship The simple meaning of the word mitzvah is command. It appears in various forms with that meaning about 300 times in the Five Books of Moses.

Rabbi Charlie  Schwartz, 

Director of BIMA and Genesis Programs | Brandeis University

Rabbi Charles Schwartz is the Director of BIMA and Genesis programs at Brandeis University, where he runs programs integrating cutting edge pedagogies with deep Jewish learning. Charlie is a nationally recognized educator focusing on technology and Israel and was named to the New York Jewish Week's "36 Under 36" as a leader helping to reshape the Jewish community. Charlie received rabbinic ordination and a degree in education from the Jewish Theological Seminary where he was a Wexner Graduate Fellow. Prior to JTS Charlie served with distinction in the Israel Defense Forces. A native of Portland, Oregon, Charlie lives in Cambridge with his wife Dr. Andrea Wershof Schwartz, their children Maayan and Aviv, and their sousaphone.