The Essence of Ritual

The Essence of Ritual
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Rabbi Scott Perlo

Rabbi | Sixth & I

Why is it that rituals that were alive for our ancestors oftentimes don't resonate with us?  Rabbi Scott Perlo looks at the relationship between feeling, form, and content in our rituals today, and wha... See more

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Unlocking Our Inner Light - Guest Post by R' Arielle Hanien

"Inscribe us in the Book of Life!" we plead, over and over during the Days of Awe. The liturgy weeps with a yearning to live, and all of the honest self-reflection, regret, perspective adjustment and realignment about what's important reorganizes our spirit like yoga that works on multiple levels-our mind, our kishkes, our memory and our relationships.

Rabbi Scott  Perlo, 

Rabbi | Sixth & I

Rabbi Scott Perlo left his beloved waves of the Pacific Ocean for Sixth & I, but you’ll find him returning to surf or dive any chance he gets. Scott’s travels and experiences as a rabbi have been eclectic and have blessed him. Scott had the honor to be the first rabbi of the Professional Leaders Project and Moishe House, a founder of the Ma’or Beit Midrash and CreateHavdallah, rabbi of Adat Shalom in West L.A., and rabbinic intern at IKAR and Beit Warszawa in Warsaw, Poland. He received his Undergraduate Degree from University of Pennsylvania and his ordination from the Ziegler School at the AJU in 2008.  His greatest love is to teach and learn with other fellow travelers; Scott looks for spiritual partners, wherever they are to be found.