Be Super in Spandex (Or Not): The Jewish Lives of Comic Book Heroes

Be Super in Spandex (Or Not): The Jewish Lives of Comic Book Heroes
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Rabbi Simcha Weinstein

Author and Rabbi | Pratt Institute

Is Superman Jewish? Many classic comic books such as Superman, Captain America, and The Fantastic Four were created by Jews. Rabbi Simcha Weinstein explores what compels Jews to create superheroes by walking us... See more


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Spirituality in Spandex

If you've taken public transportation lately, glanced at a supermarket magazine rack or simply turned on the TV, by now you know that one very popular, web-slinging superhero has swung back into your friendly neighborhood multiplex. In the third and latest installment of the Spider-Man movie franchise, everyone's favorite arachnid hero is seduced by his shadow side.

Superman Is Jewish: The Hebrew Roots of America's Greatest Superhero

Yiddish Superman Pun Superman is America in that he was created by hard-working, exploited immigrants. An examination of the Jewish roots of the Man of Steel. Superman is as American as apple pie, in that both have their origins in the Middle East.

Secret Skin - The New Yorker

When I was a boy, I had a religious-school teacher named Mr. Spector, whose job was to confront us with the peril we presented to ourselves. Jewish Ethics was the name of the class. We must have been eight or nine.

Rabbi Simcha  Weinstein, 

Author and Rabbi | Pratt Institute

Rabbi Simcha Weinstein is the best-selling author of Up, Up, and Oy Vey: How Jewish History, Culture, and Values Shaped the Comic Book Superhero and Shtick Shift: Jewish Humor in the 21st Century. He has appeared on CNN and NPR, and has been profiled in leading publications, including the New York Times and London Guardian. A syndicated columnist, he writes for the Jerusalem Post, JTA, the Royal Shakespeare Company, Condé Nast, and many others. He chairs the Religious Affairs Committee at Pratt Institute and was recently voted “New York’s Hippest Rabbi” by PBS affiliate Channel 13. His latest book is The Case for Children: Why Parenthood Makes Your World Better.