Reconciling My Body With Tradition

Reconciling My Body With Tradition
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Andrew Belinfante

Director of Public Programs | Mechon Hadar

We can all struggle to align our ideas about our bodies with the traditions we come from--all the more so a person struggling with chronic disease. Andrew Belinfante, however, has found new meaning in Judais... See more


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Body & Soul | My Jewish Learning

Judaism teaches that the body and soul are separate yet indivisible partners in human life. Rather than imprisoning or corrupting the soul, the body is a God-given tool for doing sacred work in the world. It requires protection, care, and respect, because it is holy.

The Visibility and Invisibility of My Body

I remember sitting with my Dad in a hospital waiting room the day I was diagnosed with Diabetes and him telling me, "You will never again put a piece of food in your mouth without thinking about it."

Sotomayor Opens Up About Diabetes For Youth Group

The Supreme Court justice, a lifelong diabetic, told a crowd of children with type-1 diabetes that she was 7 years old when the first hints of the disease appeared in her life. But she said the disease has taught her two things: discipline and to pay attention to her body.

Andrew  Belinfante, 

Director of Public Programs | Mechon Hadar

Andrew Belinfante is the Director of Public Programs at Mechon Hadar. He is a long-time Ramahnick having grown up as a camper and staff member at Camp Ramah in California. He also worked for Camp Ramah in the Berkshires as their year-round Program Coordinator bringing his total summers at Camp to fourteen. Andrew participated in United Synagogue’s Nativ College Leadership Program in Israel and he graduated from California State University Northridge with a degree in English. He has worked in both formal and experiential Jewish education for over nine years, including having worked in various Religious Schools in Los Angeles and as the Associate Director of a Hebrew School in Tribeca, New York. He holds a Master's Degree in Education from Bankstreet College in Manhattan. He is also a 2017-2018 fellow in the Ruskay Institute for Jewish Professional Leadership.