Reigniting the Soul of Philanthropy

Reigniting the Soul of Philanthropy
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Yael Simon

Strategic Advisor | Rachel Charitable Trust

Are we endanger of losing the soul of philanthropy? In this talk, Yael Simon argues that charity is a God given dynamic that connects us to one another and binds us as a community. In this talk, Yael Simon expl... See more


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Reigniting the Soul of Philanthropy: Why the Haredim Don't Need to Change

Written for this week's JFN Conference By Yael S. Simon Social change. Integration. Legitimacy. These are only a few of the words bandied about when discussing the importance of Haredim becoming a more productive part of Israeli society. One of the most critical issues discussed in the recent elections was the focus of Haredi employment and its long-term importance in the economy.

Jewish Philanthropy: The Concept of Tzedakah

Definition Tzedakah is the responsibility to give aid, assistance and money to the poor and needy, or to worthwhile causes. Tzedakah means being good stewards of and planning to give a portion of one's personal substance for the common good. Althought it is related to charity, the translation of tzedakah is broader than the definition of charity.

Yael  Simon, 

Strategic Advisor | Rachel Charitable Trust

Yael Simon has worked for more than 18 years as a fundraising and strategic development professional in the UK and abroad. She specializes in funding relationship development with high net worth individuals and has personally raised more than $25m for various institutions throughout the years. Her approach is multi-faceted and holistic, seeking to provide transparency, accountability and ownership of philanthropic causes through a compelling narrative.Qualified by years of experience and enhanced by her personal approach, Simon has succeeded in creating stronger infrastructure and compliance within NGOs and has become a valued and trusted advisor to many philanthropic families and foundations alike.Previous achievements include expanding charities by developing a young donor base, innovative campaigns based on ever-changing giving trends, and creating long term sustainability for charities through a creative approach and business opportunities.