Reviving a Sense of Community: Learning from the Jews of Europe

Reviving a Sense of Community: Learning from the Jews of Europe
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Madison Jackson

Student (Class of 2019) | Binghamton University

As Madison Jackson traveled as a teenager through Europe, she learned another way of viewing Jewish community--the smaller Jewish community meant that there were fewer resources and fewer options for express... See more

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Non-Denominational & Post-Denominational | My Jewish Learning

Reprinted with permission from Contact, the Journal of Jewish Life Network/Steinhardt Foundation (Summer 2005). In the last few years, two trends, distinctive but often conflated, have come to characterize the denominational identity patterns of American Jews. One we may call "non-denominationalism," in which Jews decline to see themselves as aligned with Orthodoxy, Conservatism, Reform, or Reconstructionism (the major denominational choices available to American Jews).

EU Jewish students to Knesset: Stop saying no future for Jews in Europe

European students from the World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS) called on Israeli officials to stop telling them there is no future for Jews in Europe. "We are the generation that grew up behind bulletproof glass," said the president of the European Union of Jewish students, Benny Fischer.

Bicyclists 'Ride for the Living' From Auschwitz to Krakow

The Russians' arrival in Auschwitz on January 27, 1945 meant that Marcel Zielinski was free. But the 10-year-old's mother and father had already departed the concentration camp on a forced march while children and sick prisoners were left behind.

Madison  Jackson, 

Student (Class of 2019) | Binghamton University

Madison Jackson is a junior at Binghamton University in upstate New York where she is double majoring in English and Judaic Studies and minoring in History. Madison is from Cleveland, Ohio. She is an active member of Hillel at Binghamton and a tutor for the Binghamton Writing Center. Additionally, she serves as a virtual intern for Paideia - the European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden. She has also been an intern for the Hanukkah House Museum in Binghamton where she curated an exhibit on Jewish food from around the world. In summer 2018, Madison will serve as an AJC Goldman Fellow at the American Jewish Committee Central Europe office in Warsaw, Poland.