Rosh Chodesh: A Guide to the Cycles of Our Lives

Rosh Chodesh: A Guide to the Cycles of Our Lives
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Sarah Michal Waxman

Founder and Instigator | At The Well

Sarah Michal Waxman is on a mission to get women--all women--to join together in Rosh Chodesh circles. This anciently sanctioned time together creates community, connection, and lifelong impact for participa... See more

Themes: Ritual, Tradition

The Rest is Commentary

Wrestling With Menstruation

This illustrated book is a handy guide to the intersection of Menstruation and Torah. This book has three parts-It starts with a section on how the menstrual cycle works, because we feel much of this important information has been conspicuously absent from mainstream education. Next comes a sectio

Rosh Chodesh 101 | My Jewish Learning

Rosh Chodesh - which literally means "head of the month" - is the minor holiday that marks the beginning of every Hebrew month. The Jewish calendar, which combines both lunar and solar aspects, has 12 months (and 13 in leap years); half of these months are 30 days long and half are 29 days.

The fascinating history behind your monthly women's circle

Five years ago, if you'd told me that I'd be spending my Friday night at a new moon women's circle, I would have rolled my eyes and asked you which strain of cannabis you were smoking. (And then promptly excused myself to meet my girlfriends at the bar.)


Sarah Michal  Waxman, 

Founder and Instigator | At The Well

Sarah is the passionate Founder of At The Well, an organization that connects women to body, soul, and community through wellness education and Jewish spirituality. She has been a student of sociology and holistic medicine, a national champion athlete, an instructor of yoga and mindfulness, and a passionate member of the Jewish community. All these experiences gave her a deep understanding of the power that comes from being in a supportive community, feeling connected to your spirituality, and having a real understanding of your cycle. At The Well was created out of love; it is a place to be witnessed, and to witness others, to share, to learn, and a place to connect Jewish heritage to everyday life.