Sephardic Culture is Jewish Culture: Why Ladino Matters

Sephardic Culture is Jewish Culture: Why Ladino Matters
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Sarah Aroeste

Singer, Songwriter, Educator | Aroeste Music

Ladino singer, Sarah Aroeste, makes the case for the importance of preserving Ladino language as a way of preserving an integral part of Jewish identity. She reveals how Ladino is more than just a language; it ... See more


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New children's songs in an old language | Culture

Sarah Aroeste's recently released album is exactly the kind of music parents of young children look for and toddlers love: catchy, easy-to-sing melodies, simple repetitive lyrics inspired by the child's everyday world, and dollops of humor and surprise.

Sarah Aroeste | Ladino Music for Today | Home

Ladino music for today.

Sephardic Music: A Century of Recordings

As we enter the second century of Sephardic recorded music, most performers are Ashkenazic or non-Jewish. Similarly, their recordings are now marketed as integral parts of the early music and world music catalogs, with increasing entries in the fusion or rock-influenced categories.

Sarah  Aroeste, 

Singer, Songwriter, Educator | Aroeste Music

Determined to help bring Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) culture to a new generation, Sarah Aroeste, an international Ladino singer/songwriter, author and cultural activist, draws upon her Sephardic family roots from Greece and Macedonia (via Medieval Spain) to present original Ladino songs with her unique blend of rock, pop, and jazz. Since 2001, Aroeste has recorded five albums, A la Una: In the Beginning (2003), Puertas (2007), Gracia (2012), Ora de Despertar (2016), the first-ever all-original Ladino children’s album, and Together/Endjuntos (2017) the first bilingual Ladino/English holiday album. In 2017 Aroeste released Ora de Despertar (Time to Wake Up!) a bilingual illustrated children’s book. In 2014 Aroeste won the Sephardic prize at the International Jewish Music Festival in Amsterdam, and in 2015 she represented the USA in the International Sephardic Music Festival in Cordoba, Spain. NPR has featured Aroeste as one of the most boundary-pushing Latin artists today, and she has garnered wide critical acclaim for her efforts to introduce and bring Ladino to wider audiences. Bringing a fresh, modern vision to Sephardic culture, Sarah Aroeste has helped to transform and revitalize a tradition. For more: