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Simon  Feil, 


Simon Feil is a classically trained actor who coaches speaking and leadership presence. As a previous ELI speaker himself (June 2015, “Meat and Empathy"), Simon offers a unique and valuable perspective to his ELI clients. The combination of his 15-year acting career and his yeshiva education have resulted in an ability to synthesize new meaning out of sometimes disparate perspectives in such fields as arts, education, theology, and social advocacy. This became clear when he was invited to teach public speaking to Israel advocates at Yeshiva University; his passion for that work began his journey connecting presentation skills to meaningful and challenging topics. Simon excels at fine-tuning story telling, narrative construction, and humor so that a strong and grounded vulnerability emerges, allowing the client's message to be felt as well as understood. When he isn’t coaching and acting, Simon is also a culinary personality, a novice aerialist, and the creator of Kosher Conscience, the first humane kosher meat company. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and super-awesome 5 year old son.