From Mt. Sinai to Providence, Rhode Island

From Mt. Sinai to Providence, Rhode Island
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Stan Mack

Independent Cartoonist and Reporter

Stan Mack asks “what was the journey that took my ancestors from the land of Israel to Providence, Rhode Island over the course of the past three millennia?” Reflecting on an experience he had at Mt... See more


The Rest is Commentary

Drawing on millenniums of Jewish history

Stan Mack, formerly of the Village Voice, presents the people and events - from Abraham to today's Middle East - in a book of cartoons. It took a lot of chutzpah for Stan Mack to do what he has done.

An Orphan in History, by Paul Cowan

A number of American Jews who once seemed thoroughly indifferent to their Jewishness have begun to move back into the... Return to the Fold? An Orphan in History: Retrieving a Jewish Legacy. by Paul Cowan. Doubleday. 246 pp $15.95.

Searching for My Indian Jewish Family, From Kabbalah to Bollywood

MUMBAI - On my first morning in India, I found myself staring at an egg. That and a cup of coffee was all my hotel's "free continental breakfast" amounted to, but I didn't feel cheated. I felt vindicated. After all, I'd come to India because of an egg.

Stan  Mack, 

Independent Cartoonist and Reporter

Stan Mack is the author of the comics history The Story of the Jews: A 4,000 Year Adventure (Jewish Lights), from which the cartoons in his talk were taken. Mack pioneered a documentary style of cartooning with his notorious New York comic strip "Stan Mack’s Real Life Funnies," which ran in The Village Voice. His Adweek magazine comic strip, "Stan Mack’s Out-takes," covered the New York media scene. He is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and a former art director of The New York Times’ “Sunday Magazine.” His other books include Janet & Me: An Illustrated Story of Love and Loss (Simon & Schuster); Taxes, The Tea Party, and those Revolting Rebels: A Comics History of the American Revolution (NBM); and Road to Revolution! and Fight for Freedom, historical graphic novels for young people co-authored with Susan Champlin.