Teaching the Poetry of Prayer

Teaching the Poetry of Prayer
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Hillel Broder

General Studies Principal | DRS Yeshiva High School

We've taught our children how to pray--we've taught them fluency, we’ve taught them Hebrew literacy, we’ve taught them how to navigate the siddur. But Hillel Broder worries that this is not ... See more

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Turning Tefilah Up a Notch: Increasing Student Engagement in Prayer

The Siddur is the most frequently-visited text in the Jewish day school. Students spend somewhere around 40-50 minutes (at the very least!), between shacharit and mincha, revisiting the same prayers over the course of every school day. And over the course of our students' lives, the Siddur wil

The Yeshiva Poetry Society: A Pedagogical Model for Jewish Slam Poetry

In 2013, a YouTube video of a young man in a yarmulke performing slam poetry went viral, clocking close to 400,000 views within a month. It opens, "There's someone I know who's slow to commend and quick to condescend."

Hillel  Broder, 

General Studies Principal | DRS Yeshiva High School

Hillel holds a PhD in English from The Graduate Center, CUNY and is currently the Principal of DRS Yeshiva HS for Boys. He has also taught at SAR High School, Yeshiva University HS for Boys, and Fordham University. Hillel is an instructional leader whose teaching practice encompasses contemplative education, prayer education, and interdisciplinary approaches to literature and poetry composition.