The State of Origin: A Rugby League Rivalry Like No Other

The State of Origin series is one of the most fiercely contested and celebrated rivalries in Australian sport. Each year, the series pits the best rugby league players from the Australian states of Queensland and New South Wales against each other in a three-game showdown. Known for its intensity, passion, and high level of skill, the State of Origin is more than just a series of games; it is a cultural phenomenon that captures the hearts and minds of millions of fans.

Origins and History State of Origin

State of Origin

The State of Origin concept was born out of a desire to create a more competitive and balanced contest between Queensland and New South Wales. Before the inception of the State of Origin format, players were selected based on the state in which they were playing professionally, leading to a dominance by New South Wales due to the concentration of professional teams in Sydney.

In 1980, Queensland Rugby League (QRL) and New South Wales Rugby League (NSWRL) officials agreed to trial a new format where players would be selected based on their state of origin, meaning they would represent the state where they first played senior rugby league. The inaugural State of Origin match was played on July 8, 1980, at Lang Park (now Suncorp Stadium) in Brisbane. Queensland won the historic match 20-10, marking the beginning of a new era in rugby league.

The Format

The State of Origin series consists of three matches played annually, typically in June and July. The games are held in various locations, with each state hosting at least one game per series. The third game, if necessary, is often played at a neutral venue. The team that wins at least two of the three matches claims the series and the coveted State of Origin shield.

The selection process is rigorous, with each state’s team, also known as “The Maroons” for Queensland and “The Blues” for New South Wales, comprising the best eligible players. These players are often drawn from the National Rugby League (NRL), ensuring that the competition features the highest level of talent.

Rivalry and Culture

State of Origin

The rivalry between Queensland and New South Wales in the State of Origin series is intense and deeply rooted in regional pride. For many fans, the series is about more than just rugby league; it is a battle for supremacy between two states with distinct cultures and histories. Queenslanders often see themselves as underdogs, fighting against the perceived arrogance and dominance of the more populous and affluent New South Wales.

The State of Origin games are known for their physicality, passion, and uncompromising play. The players, representing their home states, bring an extra level of intensity and commitment to the field, resulting in some of the most memorable moments in rugby league history. This intensity is mirrored in the stands and living rooms across Australia, where fans fervently support their teams.

Memorable Moments

Over the years, the State of Origin series has zeusslot produced numerous unforgettable moments that have become part of rugby league folklore. Some of these moments include:

  • The King Wally Lewis Era: Wally Lewis, known as “The King,” is one of the most iconic figures in State of Origin history. Playing for Queensland, Lewis’s leadership, skill, and passion helped establish the Maroons as a dominant force in the 1980s. His performances earned him the title of “Emperor of Lang Park” and cemented his legacy in the sport.
  • The 1995 Series: In one of the most remarkable upsets in State of Origin history, Queensland, coached by Paul Vautin and missing several key players due to the Super League war, managed to win the series 3-0. The Maroons’ underdog victory is remembered as one of the greatest achievements in the series.
  • Mark Coyne’s Miracle Try (1994): In Game 1 of the 1994 series, Queensland’s Mark Coyne scored a last-minute try that has since been dubbed the “miracle try.” The play involved a series of passes that saw the ball travel from one side of the field to the other before Coyne crossed the line, securing a dramatic victory for Queensland.
  • The 2015 Series Decider: In one of the most dominant performances in State of Origin history, Queensland defeated New South Wales 52-6 in the deciding game of the 2015 series. The victory secured the series for Queensland and highlighted the incredible skill and determination of the Maroons.

Impact on Rugby League

State of Origin

The State of Origin series has had a profound impact on the sport of rugby league, both in Australia and internationally. The high level of competition and the showcase of top-tier talent have helped raise the profile of the sport. The series draws massive television audiences and generates significant revenue, contributing to the growth and sustainability of rugby league.

Moreover, the State of Origin has become a key part of the rugby league calendar, with players often considering selection for their state as one of the highest honors in their careers. The series also serves as a proving ground for emerging talents, providing a platform for players to demonstrate their abilities on one of the sport’s biggest stages.

Future Prospects

As the State of Origin series continues to evolve, its future looks bright. The passion and excitement surrounding the series show no signs of waning, and efforts to expand its reach and appeal are ongoing. There have been discussions about taking games to new venues, including overseas locations, to further promote the sport and the series.

Additionally, the growth of women’s rugby league has led to the introduction of the Women’s State of Origin, which has quickly gained popularity and showcases the best female talent in the sport. The women’s series reflects the growing inclusivity and diversity in rugby league, ensuring that the State of Origin tradition continues to thrive.


The State of Origin series is more than just a sporting event; it is a celebration of regional pride, fierce competition, and the highest level of rugby league. With its rich history, memorable moments, and significant impact on the sport, the State of Origin continues to capture the imagination of fans and players alike. As it moves forward, the series promises to remain a cornerstone of Australian sport, embodying the spirit and passion that make rugby league so beloved.


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