We Were All At Sinai: The Transformative Power of Inclusive Torah

We Were All At Sinai: The Transformative Power of Inclusive Torah
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Lauren Tuchman

Rabbinical Student | Jewish Theological Seminary

So often "inclusion" is framed as a mechanism for bringing people to the table who haven't been at the table. Rabbinical student Lauren Tuchman explores whether this is the most accurate and us... See more


The Rest is Commentary

Passover #TorahForTheResistance: Spiritual Resilience · Jewschool

This piece of Passover #TorahForTheResistance is part of a series written by young rabbis, rabbinical and religious students about Jewish resistance to Trump through faith, Judaism and spirituality. Our tradition teaches us this time of year that the more a person tells the story of our exodus from Egypt, the more praiseworthy is that person.

On Creating Holy Communities

Choosing to become a rabbi was a decision I made with an incredible amount of consideration and care. I wish to bring my particular passions, skillsets and knowledge to bear on some of the most important justice issues within the Jewish community and beyond it.

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Lauren  Tuchman, 

Rabbinical Student | Jewish Theological Seminary

Lauren Tuchman is completing rabbinical school at the Jewish Theological Seminary and serves as a chaplain at the New Jewish Home. Previously, she served as the rabbinic intern at T’ruah: the Rabbinic Call for Human Rights. She has taught widely on the intersection between Judaism and Disability, and has been published widely including in Jewschool and RitualWell. She has taught at synagogues and organizations throughout North America, including the National Havurah Committee, Jewish Theological Seminary, Join for Justice, The Summer Institute on Theology and Disability, the Ruderman Foundation’s Synagogue Inclusion Initiative and Adas Israel Congregation. She was named to the Jewish Week’s 36 under 36 in 2017.