Who is Bezalel and What Would He Think?

Who is Bezalel and What Would He Think?
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Elise Benhardt

Executive Director | Brooklyn Youth Chorus

What is the relationship of Jewish art and culture to the wider Jewish community and to Jewish identity? Referencing artists such as Sandi DuBowski and Galeet Darshati, Elise Bernhardt provides numerous example... See more


The Rest is Commentary

Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem


The Institute for Jewish and Community Research| Follow the Money

The Institute for Jewish and Community Research, San Francisco, is an independent non-profit dedicated to the growth of the Jewish community. The Institute serves as a national and international think tank providing policy research to the Jewish community and society in general. We design and develop initiatives that help build a more vibrant and secure Jewish community.

Elise  Benhardt, 

Executive Director | Brooklyn Youth Chorus

Elise Bernhardt is currently the Executive Director of the Brooklyn Youth Chorus, a choral group that provides opportunity for young people to be trained and to perform at the highest level. Previously, Bernhardt was CEO and President of the Foundation for Jewish Culture between 2006-2014, when it closed down. During her time there, she founded the New Jewish Culture Network, a commissioning and touring program that focused on new Jewish music. She also worked on creating various new funds for artists. In addition, Bernhardt founded and directed Dancing in the Streets, an organization that produced free public dance performances, between 1983-1998. She has also served as Executive Director of The Kitchen, a non-profit organization that aims to provide a space for contemporary artists to meet and explore new ideas together.